How World of Warcraft has evolved from videogame to Pop Culture icon

This Sunday, November 23rd, is the 10th Anniversary of the release of World of Warcraft. Its impact on video games cannot be understated - but its impact on wider popular culture itself can't be either. So how did a fledgling MMORPG from 2004 become still relevant to the pop culture world of today? » 11/21/14 3:00pm Yesterday 3:00pm

Stephen Amell is right about Warner Bros.' handling of the DC Universe

TV's Green Arrow made a few waves over the weekend in an interview where he questioned WB's handling of their DC Cinematic Universe announcement - and he's right to shine a light on how the weird relationships between the many heads of Warner Brothers might not be doing DC the justice it deserves. » 11/19/14 3:00pm Wednesday 3:00pm