Only Metal Gear Solid Could Give Us An Action Figure Of A Dog This Crazy

If you’re familiar with the frequently ridiculous batshit insanity that is the Metal Gear Solid franchise, you’ll look at the above picture of a dog, in a sneaking suit, with an eye patch, and holding a knife it its mouth, and treat it as perfectly normal. The rest of us, meanwhile, will go “buh-whaaaaa???” » 8/28/15 10:15am Friday 10:15am

Bandai's Samurai Star Wars Figures Have Gotten Even Better

Bandai’s “Movie Realisation” Star Wars figures—which take the Empire and turn them into ancient samurai with flintlocks and katanas rather than blasters and lightsabers—are fantastic. But now the line’s got a few more additions that make it even cooler. Sandtroopers! Royal Guards! Boba Fett! Oh my. » 8/27/15 10:00am Thursday 10:00am

These Kooky Batman '66 Toys Look Like Aardman Animation Puppets

Imagine if we lived in a world where, years later, Batman ‘66 was re-imagined by Wallace & Gromit creators Aardman Animation and turned into a stop-motion TV show. Not only that be THE BEST WORLD EVER, but I would imagine that the puppets looked just like these kooky, and slightly creepy, toys. » 8/26/15 4:00pm Wednesday 4:00pm

There Finally Might Be A Good 12th Doctor Action Figure Coming

Despite being Doctor Who’s Doctor a whole year now, Peter Capaldi’s not had much luck getting a decent figure of himself—the first one was absolutely dreadful, and although there’s a pretty decent 1/6th scale version on the way, it’s a lot pricier than most people are willing to pay. Enter this new, 5” figure...… » 8/21/15 3:00pm 8/21/15 3:00pm

Pre-Ordering this Interactive Yoda Is as Close as You'll Ever Get to Jedi School

First revealed back in February shortly after Toy Fair 2015, we now know quite a few more details about Spin Master’s interactive Legendary Yoda toy thanks to Walmart who’s finally made it available for pre-order and officially available on September 4—AKA Force Friday. » 8/19/15 2:30pm 8/19/15 2:30pm

An Even Better Look At Square-Enix's Captain America And Black Widow

Recently, Square-Enix released teasers for the latest entry in their Marvel line of Play Arts Kai figures—a pretty damn rad Black Widow, and a significantly less-rad Captain America. But now we can get an even better look at the two in action... even though our initial impressions seem to hold out. » 8/19/15 10:30am 8/19/15 10:30am

Hot Toys' Boba Fett Comes With A Sarlacc Pit To Eat Him Up

Sure, in the former Expanded Universe, Boba Fett gained the reputation of being the meanest bounty hunter around—but in the movies, he’s better known for his less-than-graceful encounter with the Sarlacc pit. Hot Toys’s newest Star Wars toy capitalises on that moment, but makes it look a lot cooler, for Boba’s sake. » 8/17/15 12:00pm 8/17/15 12:00pm

Your Updated Guide To Every Leaked Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toy

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a few months away, but there’s less than a month until its Toys hit shelves across the world—and that means until then, toys will inevitably leak their way onto the internet before release. Here’s your guide to every leak so far, with rolling updates as and when they happen. » 8/13/15 11:30am 8/13/15 11:30am

A First Look At Warpo's Spectacularly Retro Legends Of Cthulhu TV Spot

When you’re making a line of retro action figures, you might as well go whole hog and make your TV spots look suitably retro too—just as Warpo are doing for Legends of Cthulhu figures, and their upcoming gigantic Old One action figure. Let Cthulhu warm the nostaglic cockles of your heart with this exclusive first look! » 8/10/15 12:00pm 8/10/15 12:00pm

Holy Cow: Micro Machines Are Returning For The Force Awakens

If you were growing up in the ‘90s and riding the new wave of Star Wars mania, then one of the stand out toys to accompany the films were Micro Machines, awesome miniature vehicles and playsets to use them in. Micro Machines had vanished by the mid 2000s, but they’re back for The Force Awakens—and looking fantastic. » 8/07/15 10:00am 8/07/15 10:00am

Tuesday Game Room: God Damn Battletoads Edition

I guess it’s cheating a little to say that Battletoads is a new release this week—but it is, alongside 29 Rare games in the absurdly nifty Rare Replay collection. Are you dipping into some nostalgia this week, or getting through the summer lull in some other way? Come tell us about it in this week’s Tuesday Game Room! » 8/04/15 6:00pm 8/04/15 6:00pm

Hot Toys' Hulkbuster Just Got A Serious Upgrade

Hot Toys’ Age of Ultron Hulkbuster was already a freakishly detailed and ridiculously impressive toy—and not to mention insanely expensive. Now it’s getting even more ridiculous, and that can only mean good things.http://toybox.io9.com/the-hot-toys-h... » 7/31/15 11:00am 7/31/15 11:00am

A Crazy Amount Of Cash Could Get You A Life-Sized He-Man Battle Cat Head

... for your wall. Ever wanted to basically do what Skeletor never could? Now’s your chance! Well, as long as you have a rather ludicrous amount of money, this massive head of poor Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe could be yours to mount above your fireplace in a mixture of sadness and pride. » 7/29/15 10:00am 7/29/15 10:00am

Tuesday Game Room: Return Of The King's Quest Edition

A sequel nearly 2 decades in the making—yes, classic adventure game Kings Quest is back this week, as an episodic adventure series (because honestly that’s basically how all adventure games exist now)! Are you going to check it out? Playing anything else this week? Tell us in the latest edition of Tuesday Game Room! » 7/28/15 6:00pm 7/28/15 6:00pm